A Locally-Owned Moving Company Is Perfect For A Local Move

Posted on: 14 June 2023


Local moves happen within the same area. A Forbes contributor says anything within 50 miles is a local move, while anything beyond that number is a long-distance move. If you're moving elsewhere in your area, you should choose a locally-owned moving company, which is optimal for these moves in a way that larger counterparts can't hope to be.

What Are 5 Advantages of Locally-Owned Moving Companies For Local Moves?

Consider these five reasons why locally-owned moving companies are perfect for local moves:


Modern navigation systems are sophisticated. Unfortunately, they're far from perfect, as shown by People's report on tourists who drove their car right into a Hawaiian harbor because of their GPS. As a result, movers can struggle with directions if they aren't familiar with the area. Locally-owned moving companies are better in this respect. Their movers tend to be locals who know exactly where they're going.


A national moving company operates in a very standardized way. This makes for more consistent results at the cost of reduced flexibility. You might be more comfortable with a locally-owned moving company that can adjust its practices to accommodate local conditions. After all, its decision-makers are right in the office, meaning they aren't constrained by the need to answer superiors elsewhere.

Greater Responsiveness

Locally-owned moving companies tend to be more responsive to client concerns. Partly, this is because they're more affected by what their clients say. Good opinions drive word-of-mouth marketing, thus empowering locally-owned moving companies to hold their ground against larger competitors. Conversely, disgruntled clients can do much to sway friends, family, and acquaintances against their movers, which suffer the most damage when they're already focused on smaller markets. As such, it isn't hard to see why a locally-owned moving company would be more responsive to your concerns.

Personalized Customer Service

On a related note, locally-owned moving companies are likelier to offer more personalized relationships. They have a smaller number of representatives working with a smaller number of clients, thus making it much easier for them to tailor their approach for each person. A human touch makes even the most stressful situation easier to navigate. Due to this, you should choose a moving company that recognizes you as you.

Local Moves Are Still Difficult

You might be tempted to handle a local move yourself. If so, you should reconsider because moving is always challenging. A moving company can do the job as fast as possible, thus minimizing the disruption to your routine. Better still, professionals can move your things without causing any damage. Something that can spare you much frustration.

Further Considerations

Local moves are less complicated than long-distance moves. However, they're by no means easy. As a result, you need to put just as much thought into the process to ensure everything goes smoothly. Often, this means working with a locally-owned moving company with a proven record of client happiness.