How To Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 16 April 2016


If you need a safe place to temporarily store your belongings, whether for the short-term or the long-term, you'll be glad to know that there are many self-storage facilities available. You can find these facilities in just about any town, and as long as you choose a good one in a safe neighborhood, you should have a positive experience. However, your experience will be even better if you know how to properly store your items and maximize your space. Unless you truly have a ton of stuff, you probably don't need the biggest unit available; you just need to know how to pack your unit correctly.

Dismantle Objects When Possible

To save space in your storage unit, make sure you dismantle any large furniture items, such as tables or beds, when possible. The parts and pieces of large items can be stacked and stored much more easily and much more efficiently than when you just store the item whole.

Make sure, however, that you keep all of the pieces that go with a particular item together. Labeling each piece can also be helpful, allowing you to maximize storage space without making unpacking any more difficult than it needs to be.

Take Advantage of Height

Remember, when you're storing items, that you don't just have the width of the storage facility to work with; you also have the height! By stacking items on top of each other and building secure towers of things as high as you can, you can get a lot more into your storage space.

Try boxing items up in similarly sized, clearly labeled boxes and then making several tall stacks. Just ensure that your stacks are secure and will not topple over and cause a safety hazard or potentially break your items.

Make Use of "Built-in" Storage

A little creative thinking can go a long way when it comes to maximizing your storage space. For example, many of the items that you are storing probably already have built-in storage space. Dressers, for example, come with drawers, and desks do as well.

You can use these drawers and other types of "built-in" storage to store smaller items. Just make sure you remember where you have stored items so that you aren't in for a surprise when you try to lift a dresser, desk, or another item that's packed with extras.

As you can see, making the most of your storage space isn't all that difficult. Following these simple tips and using your head should really help. Look for a self-storage facility in your area.