4 Types Of Businesses That Can Benefit From A Storage Facility

Posted on: 22 March 2016


When most people think of self-storage facilities, they think about individuals using them for de-cluttering, holding personal belongings between moves, etc. However, self-storage units are just as effective for businesses as they are for individuals. In fact, there are many different types of businesses that can benefit from having a unit. Here are four of them:  

The Construction Company

It isn't uncommon for construction companies to have some equipment and/or materials that need to be stored away off-site. In some cases, there may not be a good place to lock the equipment up at the construction site or there is the concern of the materials being stolen. When this is the case, a local storage unit is a good solution, as it creates an affordable and easily accessible location that permits pick-up at any time. By working with the storage facility manager, you can choose a unit that is on out the outside of the facility so that loading and unloading items is extremely convenient. 

The Certified Public Accountant

Accountants tend to keep a lot of paper files, even in today's digital age. Accountants work with different companies and individuals, so they need somewhere to store all of the forms that are generated for their clients. In some cases, according to the IRS, forms need to be kept up to seven years. But it really depends on the situation. After all, if a fraudulent return or no return is filed at al, records need to be kept forever. As a result, this leads to a lot of files building up. Eventually, especially for single-person, small storefront or at-home accounting operations, storage room will run out. For at-home operations, there may not be a secure location to store these files. However, it may be possible to find a local storage facility that offers a storage unit with 24/7 surveillance and up-to-date security features to keep your paper records safe and secure.

The Start-Up Retail Store

At the beginning of a new season as well as holidays, retail stores begin to receive a large number of new items. If you're a new start-up retail store, it is possible that you don't have a lot of space to begin with. When this new stock begins to arrive, you may not have a very large back room dedicated for these shipments. If you don't have the room at home either, you may want to consider having an off-site location to store this overstock until it is needed out on the sales floor, and a self-storage unit can be a secure location that seems to fit the bill perfectly. Before signing a lease for a unit, make sure to inquire about the security measures in place. Many facilities have 24/7 surveillance or even an on-site security guard. 

The Pharmaceutical Rep

Many pharmaceutical reps work out of the backseat and trunk of their cars. They use a rolling suitcase that holds several different sample options that are taken to each of their appointments. However, this suitcase does not and cannot hold all of the medications that they have. They tend to have hundreds more medications than that, and it is important that they have a secure and protected area for those samples to be kept. A climate-controlled self-storage unit may be the ideal location to keep those samples until they're needed. More often than not, the climate-controlled units are more secure than the units with climate control so you can rest assured that your samples will be safe.  

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