Tips For Cleaning Your Baby Grand Piano Before Storage

Posted on: 18 March 2016


Before you put your baby grand piano into storage, you need to be sure that it is as clean as possible. This helps to protect the finish of the piano from damage due to dust and other contaminants. Dust buildup can also increase wear on the internal components of the piano. Protecting your investment while it's in storage starts with careful cleaning. Here's a look at what you need to know to clean it.

Clean the Outside Surface

Use a lint-free cloth to clean the outside of the piano so that you don't leave any debris behind. Dampen the cloth lightly, but not enough so that it is saturated with water. Dampening the cloth will help it to pick up any dust or debris on the surface. Choosing a soft cloth is important, otherwise you might leave scratches in the piano finish. Follow the wood grain when you wipe the wood surface.

Use a damp cloth to wipe the keys as well. Shake the cloth out every time you wipe keys. This will shake off any debris stuck on the cloth. Use long strokes with the cloth, and always wipe in straight lines, not circles. Wiping in circles might leave streaks. Avoid using any chemical cleaners, because those can cause damage to the piano finish.

Clean the Interior Surface

Clean the inside surfaces with the soundboard-steel tool provided with the piano. Dampen a lint-free cloth and wrap it on the end of the tool. Thread the cloth through the loop on the top, then wrap it around the rest of the rod. Slide it in smooth, straight strokes along the internal components so that you don't scratch anything or tear the cloth.

Dry the Surfaces

After you wipe the keys and the internal components, take time to dry them. You don't want to leave any moisture on the surface of the piano keys, because they can warp as a result. Dry all of the surfaces with a soft, clean cloth. You can clean the internal components by wrapping the dry cloth around the soundboard-steel device. Make sure that you dry every surface that you've wiped with the damp cloth before you put the piano in storage.

Cleaning the piano is key to protecting it if it's going to be stored for any length of time. Put a fitted cover over it once it's cleaned so that you don't attract any more dirt or dust before it's secured in a storage unit. Click here for more info about protecting your piano while it's in storage.