Tips For Pulling Off A Last-Minute Move

Posted on: 22 February 2016


Are you planning a last-minute relocation? Moving can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, but last-minute moves can be exponentially worse. These tips will help you get through your last minute move with the least amount of hassle and anxiety.

Stay Organized

Make a list of everything that will need to happen in the next few weeks as you plan and execute your relocation. Your list should include everything from coordinating with your landlord to hiring a moving company. When making your list, don't forget the small details like notification of your credit card companies and starting and stopping utilities at your new and old residences. Make a binder where this list will be kept, and use the binder to hold any important papers that you don't want to lose during the move.

Downsize Dramatically

In the midst of a truly last-minute move, packing everything you own will be unrealistic. Now is the time to downsize. With less to move, you'll have less to do in the days before your relocation. Plan to keep sentimental items, sensitive papers, and items that you'll need shortly after moving into your place. You can consider your other possessions expendable, and get rid of them as you see fit. Give away anything that will be difficult to pack or difficult to relocate. Don't bother trying to sell anything, because selling your possessions requires organization, time and a lot of effort.

Hire Full-Service Movers

Unless you have the ability to go for days without sleeping, hiring full-service movers is basically a must for a last-minute move. Your full-service movers will inventory your items, pack your boxes, order a moving truck of the appropriate size, pick up all your items on the day of the move, and then drop everything off at your new location. In fact, many full-service moving companies will even unpack your items at your new home.

Full-service movers take much of the stress out of leaving your old home, and this gives you the chance to focus on the many other things that will need to be done during your relocation. If you're starting a new job or searching for a new school for your child, hiring full-service movers will ensure that you can focus on the many other things that you'll need to accomplish during your relocation. For more information, contact a full moving service company. Your customer service representative at your moving company can give you a quote and answer any questions you may have.