Four Ways To Use The Space In Your Storage Unit For Your Crafting Hobby

Posted on: 11 February 2016


Whether you use your self-storage space as a workshop for your crafting projects or you simply store your projects in the unit, there are several ways you can maximize your available storage space. Here are just a few options you can use to create unique storage and organization options in your storage unit.

Rolling Tool Chests

Rolling tool chests like the ones you see in professional garages and mechanic shops offer a great way to store a range of crafting items and supplies. The smaller, shallow drawers can be used to organize paints, spools of thread and markers, or they can hold small finished canvases. The larger drawers offer storage for glue and staple guns, paper cutters and other tools. You can line an entire wall in your self-storage unit with these tool boxes and dedicate each one to a different type of craft or hobby. Since these chests are on wheels, they can be moved to your work area and placed back along the wall when each project is complete.

Yarn Dispensing Bookcase

If you are serious about knitting or crocheting, you can create a yarn dispensing wall that lets you store your yarns while also letting you work on projects without having to remove the yarn from the dispenser. This DIY project requires coffee cans or pieces of PVC pipe that are large enough to accommodate your yarn skeins. Place the coffee cans or PVC pipe on the back wall of each bookcase section while the bookcase is flat on the floor. Use a hot glue gun to secure each of the pieces to the bookcase wall and allow them to dry. Once the glue has dried, you can place the bookcase right side up and place it near your knitting area in the self-storage unit. If you prefer  to keep each of the dispenser areas away from dust and dirt, you can use coffee can lids with a hole in the center on each section of the dispenser. You can also hang a curtain over the bookcase when it is not in use.

Overhead Drying Stations

Finding a place for your work to dry can be a challenge, but making use of the space over your head can help to maximize the space in your storage unit. Hang sturdy wires along the ceiling and secure them to the walls with simple screws. Be sure to check with the self-storage unit manager to get permission for this first, as there may be rules regarding hanging nails or screws in the unit. Once the wires are in place, you can use clothespins or clips to hang paper artwork from the wires. You can also hang S-hooks for letting wreaths and dried flower projects set. If you create textiles or clothing, the wires can also be used to store your pieces. 

If you need more space to store your crafting materials or work on your favorite projects, consider these options for creating a self-storage unit that gives you the unique storage solutions you need.