Live In A Cluttered Home? What You Can Put Into A Storage Unit

Posted on: 29 February 2016


Unless you are extremely careful with what you bring into your home, you will eventually get to a point where you no longer have accessible storage space. This naturally creates clutter, which is not ideal as it can get in the way of maintaining a clean and healthy house, along with one that is enjoyable to live in.

If you are thinking about how to fix this problem, you should consider organizing a garage sale, selling some items online, and deciding what items you are willing to donate to a good cause. If you still have clutter, you should rent a storage unit for possessions that will not be inconvenient to have elsewhere.

Clothing and Housewares

Housewares encompass almost everything in your home not related to furniture and clothing. It is common for households to switch to different decorations throughout the year, not only to go with the current season or an upcoming holiday, but to keep the home from looking stale. When you have pillows, throws, pictures, and table decorations that make up these housewares, it can take up a lot of space.

The easiest solution is to organize the housewares in categories, put them into clear containers, label them for visibility purposes, and put them into a storage unit until you are ready to use them.

It is also natural for your family to have clothing that is only worn at certain parts of the year. Heavy coats for winter and sandals for summer are two examples of things that you can put away. 

Another category of items that falls into the houseware category is seasonal kitchen equipment. When you only intend on having large family dinners for major holidays, you can put the extra items away, such as fancy dinnerware, large casserole dishes, and small appliances such as a turkey fryer.

Sentimental Items

Although you might like the idea of being able to bring out sentimental items at any time, you are better off having a clean home than enjoying such a possibility. Putting all of these items into storage is ideal as you want to protect them, but you do not need to have them taking up valuable space in your home.

If you have inherited any items from relatives who have passed away, you may not want to part with them, especially when you are still mourning for them. It is best to put everything into a storage unit until you feel comfortable enough to decide what to do with these particular belongings.

Putting the right items into storage can get rid of clutter and help you maintain a functional home.